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We invite you to join us and become part of our growing community of active and committed Destiny players who are friendly, knowledgeable, and supportive. Whether you are looking to join a clan or just be part of our amazing community, we welcome you to socialize, have fun, and play a few games.

Discord is a vital part in activities so be sure to join our discord and have a mic to participate. Pop into Shaxx's Tower to say hello! Our discord also has more info on us in case you want to join one of the clans!

Our Discord Link can be found below:
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o_o, pve

Upcoming Games

Going for 'Uncontrolled Rage' triumph - Flawless Arunak on Heroic Menagerie.

Hoping to run some quick master nightfalls for some mods. 1080 minimum. 👍👍

  • Ghost 75 derf 76561198111657331
  • Ghost 75 Rnz 1092 reserve

Experienced run for chance at acrius catalyst. Discord:

Going for the "Colliseum Champion" Triumph ("Which Witch" Bounty / Challenge). Please be comfortable with the Shuro Chi encounter.

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sherpa, pve

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technology, music, play 10+ hours a week, pve, microphone optional, hardcore

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students, music, technology, art, cooking, pve

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casual, raid rookie, pve, technology

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pve, profanity ok, pvp, xbox one, microphone, challenge mode

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pve, sherpa, profanity ok