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While we understand a strong desire to maximize your chances at various challenging events, please be aware that when you sign up for an event, you are making a commitment to that group for the entire event. Having multiple events scheduled too close together can lead to fireteams being left short handed and guardians feeling frustrated. The Tacos have always been committed to helping out one another, but you may find yourself feeling rather lonely should you leave too many of us hanging too often... Sometimes we must accept that a completion isn't going to happen, but that doesn't mean the experience can't be an absolute blast. If the games are simply about loot, there are plenty of LFG groups out there. This family of filthies prides itself with being one of the most supportive clans in the game, and our camaraderie is what makes the gameplay so repeatable. Let's keep that tradition burning strong as we continue to face whatever the darkness throws at us next.

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