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OUTRIDERS primary group for adult team players on Xbox (plus Playstation and PC with crossplay). This page will become more fleshed out as we get closer to the Outriders game launch date, currently February 2nd 2021. As we grow, we will add other prominent games and/ or groups over time.

FREE "OUTRIDERS" DIGITAL GAME GIVEAWAY- Everyone who joins the group will be signed up to win a free digital copy of the game. Winner will be announced one week prior to release day and the game will be sent as a digital gift on Xbox Live (Playstaion and PC via Paypal). Future group promos, contests and giveaways are in the works.

PS. This is not intended to be a Destiny focused group hereafter as there are plenty of those on site already.

OUTRIDERS -Official game page. You can keep up to date on all the game details before launch on February 2nd 2021.


-NO microsansactions- Full game right out of the box. This means NO paying for gear, extras or loot boxes.

-PVE only- No PVP (Player Verses Player ala Fortnite) to interfere with gear Nerfing (Gear power being reduced) and balance issues.

-4 classes, interchangeable gear and 6 character slots for customization.

-Much more on site about combat, story and world traversal from OUTRIDERS official game page at Square Enix.

Help and tips before launch day.


Here's a video rundown of each class so you can get to know and choose the class you want to start out with.





Mobile App.


Be sure to check out the mobile app so you can create and join gaming session on the go as well as keep tabs on group activity. Just enter in your devices Mobile App store. Also, don't forget to check the primary game in your profile when looking to create and join games, this is what determines what game sessions show up in your search.

Helpie Helpertons

Formidable foes are swiss cheesed faster with friends and allies. Spread the word to comrades and aquaintences about our group. The more the merrier.

Also, if anyone wants to lend a hand with page layout, moderating or just have some neighborly advice, drop a comment in chat or message BoomboxCollosus.

Playing the long game.

Dark Op Saints will keep Outriders alive for as long as people are playing and posting. We will evolve and add games as time goes on according to the group wants and needs so that members can still have this useful tool in the future for other games. Each game may have a seperate page, we don't know yet, but we will adapt accordingly. Don't be scarred about them suggestions either. TY.

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beginners welcome, no squeakers.

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beginners welcome, no squeakers.

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Main zeldaboombox

beginners welcome, no squeakers.

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