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The Taken King Expansion - Release Date: 09.15.15- Reveal Trailer on Youtube- VideoDoc with MANY MANY Infos and Gameplay on Youtube- Video Slideshow showing new Gear and Weapons- Video Breakdown of the New subclasses: Sunbreaker - Nightstalker - Stormcaller
Weekly Heroic Strike Briefing:
Weekly Nightfall Briefing:
If you have friends or know someone who you think fits our style of play, please invite them to our group. This is a private group but if you start an activity and can't fill it from our members feel free to invite others from the outside. Maybe they will enjoy the group and want to join.


ps4, hunter, raider, pve, pvp, nightfall

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letsdothis, parent, mic, ps4, hunter

microphone, pvp, pve

raid rookie, profanity ok, pve

pve, poe and raids, mic, parent


sherpa, bladedancer, hunter, parent

parent, headset, hunter, warlock, titan

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