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Echo Company 166 PS4 casual | members: 89 | activity score: 0


avg. age: 25   mics required
Europe - most members are London time zone.

We are not responsible for any injury you may suffer as a result of proximity to rocket launchers.

Note from group mod:

Weekly reset infographic

This Week @ Bungie

Season of the Undying Roadmap

Shadowkeep information - Festival of the Lost arrives this week!

Destiny Apps and Resources

Destiny Reddit
Destiny news and discussion
Crucible Playbook
Reddit for PvP Guardians
The app
Free iOS app for The 100 also on Android
Pleasure Gardens Map
Always find your dog with this map
Fun stats
Guardian GG
Fun stats
Trials Report
Check your opponents
Leviathan Raid Guide
Explanations and strategies for each raid encounter
Ishtar Commander
Free iOS app for managing your inventory between characters - also on Android
Heroic Public Events
How to activate the different public events
Leviathan Underbelly Map
Never losts on the chest run ever again
Pleasure Gardens Map
Always find your dog with this map

Please remember to use ~~SPOILER~~ tags when discussing spoilers.
This is not limited to Destiny 2 - spoilers for any game/film/story/etc must be placed in tags!

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Destiny 2

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