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Bravo Company 12 Xbox 360 casual | members: 19 | activity score: 0

"Family Friendly Fury"

avg. age: 32   parents
Americas - most members are Eastern Time (US & Canada) time zone.

For casual parents and family-friendly gamers to play in a relaxed environment and to have fun. Much like Charlie Company 888 (another great group that is full), you must be tolerant of AFK at inopportune times, inability to guarantee a play time, and understand that as much as we might love the game, there are more important things in life like family, parental duties, and work, which have to come first and will sometimes interfere with killing Oryx. If you have a genuine love of gaming, are OK with playing with and against great players and noobs, and will have fun whether you win or lose, please join! If you get frustrated at players who die a lot, or people who can't play for 3 hours straight without interruption, this group is probably not for you.

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Looking for new members!

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Destiny 2

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