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Charlie Company 764 PS4 casual | members: 89 | activity score: 82

"We are CC764!"

avg. age: 31   mics required

This is the group for Charlie Company 764, one of the first 100 groups on the100! The world is an ugly place. CC764 is a safe-place for gamers of all backgrounds. We have a strong zero tolerance policy against any form of racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, bigotry and bullying. The real world can suck, let's not let our Destiny universe end up the same.

Note from group mod: Mods

Our Mods:

Fandanggler, JRW485, TheCravenAngel, trusty_chords


Join Our Clan:

Click here to go to our Bungie clan page.

Group Games:

Destiny 2

Group Moderators: (?)

Group Sherpas: (?)

Toshi2310, yomama_g, arashi_8oh8, Furktato, Darth stryfe1, Jamesvance26, lBillyPilgriml, Pethrowed, JRW485,

Upcoming Games

05:00 PM Raid - Leviathan - Lair 1 - Normal

Argos 2 CP. need some experienced and chill raiders to help get my first clear.

04:00 PM Raid - Leviathan - Prestige

It's time! Now that the light level has been dropped, maybe we stand a chance! Pink Squad priority, and a spot is saved for yomama

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06:00 AM Raid - Leviathan - Lair 1 - Normal

Regulators (Pink Squad).....mount up! Priority to last week's crew.

Game over

02:15 PM Raid - Leviathan - Lair 1 - Normal

Need 1 for raid lair. Experience would be appreciated!

Game over

02:00 PM Raid - Leviathan - Lair 1 - Normal

Attempt 2. Starting on saturday because starwars is friday and idk when yall will be available. If ya free on friday ill switch the game day

Game over

05:30 PM Adventures - Heroic

for those amplifiers...Mercury Heroic adventures.

Game over

04:00 PM Raid - Leviathan - Lair 1 - Normal

Priority to Pink Squad and people I like. One is objective, the other subjective; WHO WILL BE ALLOWED IN!?!?

Game over
  • Friday, 12/15 PST
  • PS4
  • Charlie Company 764
  • Power Level 320+
  • Mic required
  • 6 Players / 6
  • 2 reserves

03:00 PM Raid - Leviathan - Normal

Change of plans: Going to just be running the normal version of the raid. No prestige today! May run it twice on other other alts if we have time. Priority to FoA clan members still.

Game over
Game over

05:00 PM Raid - Leviathan - Normal

Looking for a quick clear for 335 gear @ Calus. Please know what you're doing! Regulars get priority.

Game over

04:00 PM Strike - Nightfall

short, sweet, simple. quest for jade rabbit continues

Game over

05:15 PM Strike - Nightfall

I need to clear this milestone at least 2 characters, maybe on my alt account as well. Who's up for a good run? Great way to farm materials for the forge weapons....

Game over

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