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Delta Company 32 Xbox One casual | members: 74 | activity score: 0

"Emosewa "

avg. age: 19   mics required
Americas - most members are Eastern Time (US & Canada) time zone.

Our group is filled with fun, awesome, and active people. We play casually. Most of us here are found in the Eastern TimeZone. Our average age is 19 and our average level is 32. Mics would be strongly preferred. If you feel like you fit in with the best among the rest, then join up!

Note from group mod:


Hey All! Welcome to the100! We're SoulSwampFox and BlastingFern134! Our goal here is to make our group a welcoming spot where we can make some new friends and find some sweet loots! We'll will try to keep this page updated with the latest Destiny news, info, and SGAs!

Here are a few guidelines for our group! :)
-1. Be respectful of each other!
-2. Be on time for any sessions you join/create.
Group leaders should begin sending party invites 5-10 minutes before a session is scheduled to start. This allows everyone to be ready to go on time. Everyone has stuff come up IRL, but if you are going to be late, send a message to the group leader or post something in the chat. If you are on a tight schedule, use the session chat lobby to let others know. This will let any reserves know if/when they may be needed.
-3. Be honest about your experience level.
If you have never done a type of content, (a specific raid, difficulty level, or whatever) let your fireteam know. Chances are they will be more than willing to show you the ropes!Good luck everyone and have FUN out there ;)___________________________________________________________________________________________________


-Plan Ahead
If you are looking for a game RIGHT NOW you will have a hard time finding one on the100. LFG sites are still king in this department. A lot of the player base here are parents / working / living with SOs so they know exactly when during the week they can game.
-Create a Session
It's best to try to schedule Group Only games at least 24 hours in advance. This gives your group mates the best opportunity to join in the fun. This is the most important tip, the100 will not be useful to you if you sit and wait for everyone else to create sessions. As long as you post a day or two in advance you will have a pretty easy time filling your session.By default, new sessions are public and will show in the public games search. You can make an existing Group Only session public by editing your session and un-checking the Group Only box. This can be useful if you're looking for 1 or 2 more Guardians for a session starting soon.
-Use the Details section to your advantage!
First time doing an event? You might want to note that and request a sherpa. Need someone to run sword for CE? Just say so! Want to run VoG with shotguns only? Add that to the details and make Atheon succumb to your boomstick!
-Friend Guardians you had a good time with
This is obvious. If someone or a group was awesome to play with friend them. Chances are they consistently play at the same time you do and will be eager to join your sessions in the future.___________________________________________________________________________________________________


[ P R I S O N O F E L D E R S ] JUNE 9 - JUNE 15

Cinque Terre

[Lvl 32] MACHINE WRATH R1 CABAL [Specialist] R2 FALLEN [Light switch] R3 FALLEN [Airborne] R4 FALLEN [Exposure] R5 KALIKS12/FALLEN [Grounded]

[Lvl 34] CULT OF THE WORM R1 VEX [Airborne] R2 HIVE [Grounded] R3 VEX [Void Burn] R4 HIVE [Angry] R5 HIVE [Exposure]

[Lvl 35] SKOLAS'S REVENGE R1 HIVE [Exposure & Brawler] R2 VEX [Grounded & Airborne] R3 CABAL [Catapult & Angry] R4 FALLEN [Specialist & Juggler] R5 FALLEN [Trickle & Small Arms] R6 SKOLAS [Solar Burn]



[ W E E K L Y S T R I K E S] JUNE 2 - JUNE 8

Cinque TerreThe Shadow Theif
Nightfall, Epic, Void Burn, Solar Burn and Grounded
Cinque TerreThe Will of Crota
Heroic and Small Arms

[ U P D A T E S ]

  • Bungie Weekly Update - JUNE 6
  • Bungie Community Focus -
  • Patch Notes Live Now!
  • ___________________________________________________________________________________________________


    Hey guys! Today I just made a group on for the DC32 (Delta Company 32). If you want to go check out the Delta Company 32 clan page, go ahead! So feel free to join, and if you want to make it your clan go back to the clan page, and press, 'Set as Xbox Clan', and boom! Your in!
    One of our great Sherpas here in our group has a twitch AND a YouTube channel! Go ahead and subscribe to his YouTube channel and be sure to follow his Twitch channel!
    *UPDATE: YES!!! Thank you so much for making the clan active! As I said, clans active, and if you haven't already joined, go to the Delta Company clan page and press, 'set as Xbox clan' and yeah, like I said your in!*

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    Destiny 2

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