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JJ's Crosstime Saloon PS4 casual | members: 171

avg. age: 38   mics required

Raiding... Shenanigans... some raiding, some other stuff... group hugs... wine nights.... champagne days... Raiding.

Note from group mod:

Thanx for joining the Saloon!!

This Is a Raiding Group!! Not a Clan!!

This is meant to be a second group for people who enjoy Raiding as a large part of their game. Finding enough people to Raid in a clan can be challenging to say the least. Post or join games at the Saloon and have a dedicated group of Raiders see your Raid first, then go public after to grab a BLUEBERRY as required.


Please feel free to suggest people for entrance. Please be certain they belong. 😎

We also have a discord! Joining is not required, but we highly recommend it! This LFG can find you a SEASONED replacement quickly. Grinding PVP, looking for a second/third for 100k Nightfall, or trying to become Dredgen, this is a great resource for quickly finding a person who is online and available.

Upcoming Games

06:00 PM Raid - Garden of Salvation

fresh GoS. All solar subclass run. Will need at least 2 warlocks. Priority to JJs and friends.

05:30 PM Raid - Garden of Salvation - CP - Sanctified Mind

Divinity quest. I have last CP we'll backtrack to do the puzzles and then final boss.

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Game over

12:15 AM Raid - Garden of Salvation

Will try challenge. Please have clears.

Game over

05:30 PM Raid - Garden of Salvation

Another week another run plus divinity chase.

Game over

11:00 PM Dungeon - Pit of Heresy

Quick chill run kwtd

Game over

12:00 PM Raid - Scourge of the Past

First encounter followed by sparrow race x3 (for mods). Can finish the raid if everyone wants to. Priority to JJs and friends.

Game over

07:30 PM Raid - Garden of Salvation

fresh GoS. Priority to friends, bonus points if you're in IV

Game over

05:30 PM Raid - Garden of Salvation

Divinity quest, let's get it done!

Game over

11:30 AM Dungeon - Pit of Heresy

Please KWTD. A guardian with a better sense of direction would be greatly appreciated.

Game over

01:00 PM Raid - Garden of Salvation - CP - Sanctified Mind

Accidentally deleted previous post. Divinity quest and boss kill. We’ll unlock the puzzles first and then finish the boss. Experienced and chill guardians, only. Spot for @Lane_Ave_Jake , even if reserve.

Game over

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