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Token Hoarders PC casual | members: 46

avg. age: 25   mics required

Our Destiny 2 clan raids regularly every week, usually around 10 PM EST/7 PM PST. We use a website called to schedule these raids, which are open to our clan members to join. If you don't have an account on there and are interested in raiding with us, please make one (its free!). Make sure you join our clan group on the100 ( so that you can join our raid postings. If you are having issues with the100, please message @Honor. We welcome both experienced and new raiders, but we ask that you read and be aware of the following: 1. Please be aware of the Power Level requirements of each raid. If you are not sure whether you're high enough, just ask! We are only running the Last Wish raid currently, but if you are interested in running older raids, such as Leviathan, Eater of Worlds, and Spire of Stars, let us know. If enough people are interested, we will start making posts for those raids again. 2. If you're a first-timer or don't know the mechanics, that's okay!. We only ask that you please let us know beforehand. There are many people in this clan who would be glad to teach you, but we can't help you if we don't know. 3. You must have a working microphone and headphones. 4. Don't be afraid to join full raid posts on as a "reserve". This lets us know that you're interested in raiding, and we can try to set up a raid on another day to get you in. 5. The callout banana is equivalent to and is used interchangeably with up, down, left, right, cup, dogs, axes, sun, triangle, square, circle, and dragon breathing fire to the right. 6. Calculus is shit. Physics is amazing. 7. Rules 5 & 6 are not real rules. Except maybe rule 6.

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Destiny 2
The Division 2
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DuckNorris#11860, Saber2598, Snnnaaaarf, Honor#11784, LethalLunacy, cverre116, bodycount, baron,

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