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The Jolly Looters PS4 serious | members: 47

avg. age: 34   mics required
Europe - most members are Edinburgh time zone.

A fun & friendly raiding group. First time, every time. Affiliated with The Boom Platoon.

Note from group mod:

Clan Guidelines

The 100
 • You are making a commitment when you join a game.
 • If you need to drop out, give as much notice as possible. Leave a quick comment in game chat as a courtesy to the team.
 • If you are the game creator and need to drop out, dont cancel the whole game, it may still fill up.
 • The team should wait 15 mins max after start time for latecomers and then use a reserve if available.
 • Game creators should send party invites out 5 to 10 mins before start time as per The 100 requirements.
 • Raiding should be fun. Have patience with guardians who are less experienced. Be kind in your manner and tone of voice, not just your words. People learn more quickly in a supportive environment.

 • Limit background noise as much as possible.
 • Mute mic if eating (or drinking noisily). No one wants to hear your digestive system in operation!
 • All audible bodily functions should be off mic!
 • Show respect for fellow clan members. No one knows what's going on in other peoples lives behind the scenes. Be kind. Be aware when the joking may be going too far for someone.
 • Leave your prejudices at the door. Every member should feel welcome in the clan.

 • If you arent happy with someone's behaviour towards you, chat to them about it one to one. Its often just a misunderstanding that's easily resolved. If that's not possible, tell your friendly clan admins.

 • Stay as positive as possible about the game. Moaning about it creates a negative environment for your fellow guardians who are trying to enjoy it. Remember, we love Destiny, that's why we play it, right! If you need help with Destiny (or any other game the clan may be playing) ask in Discord.

Be excellent to each other.

First time, every time.

Group Games:

Destiny 2
Borderlands 3
The Division 2
Apex Legends

Group Moderators:


Group Sherpas: (?)

Jolder-1, Stitch2401, MyersMaximus, CraziCatLady1, SimplyPinkJules, milesteg80, Drathro81,

Upcoming Games

01:43 PM Bungie Livestream

Not actually anything to do with Bungie or a live stream. Join to stop getting annoying emails from The 100 asking if you still want to be in this group. 🙂

  • Thursday, 12/31 PST
  • PS4
  • The Jolly Looters
  • No level required
  • Mic not required
  • 20 Players / 1
  • 10 reserves

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