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Space Rhino Raiders PS4 casual | members: 105 | activity score: 123

"Just listening to death metal and doing the thunderlord quest (Nov. 13, 2018)"

avg. age: 35   mics required
Americas - most members are Eastern Time (US & Canada) time zone.

Having a blast playing Destiny!

Note from group mod:

Welcome to Space Rhino Raiders!

New Members

Welcome! We are glad you found us. Please feel free to jump into any sessions and or create a session to your liking, chances are it will fill right up if nothing else is going on at that time. As a side note we tend to play later in the evening (eastern time zone). However, we tend to have guardains available at most times of the day so do go ahead and post for whatever time works best for you. If you have any questions or concerns please do reach out to one of our moderators. Hope to see you in orbit!

About us!

We are a very active coven of Destiny fanatics that love to play every evening. We like to learn how to do the newest things well, get shit done, teach others, and show off stats and/or that latest new item Bungie added. We are looking forward to growing with both new and new-to-us guardians that are eager to learn, be a sherpa, or just go see who gets the most kills in a record fast raid clear.


Please join us in our discord server which we use for general chat, as you can probably tell there isn't much chat going on here. We also use discord for checking stats, last minute LFG requests, and TWAB updates as soon as they go live. We do hope that you will join us over there, it's a great time. If you are new to discord we have found it to be surprisingly easy and intiuitve to use. If you have any questions please contact one of our moderators.


Well, there is only one bit of Super Good Advice. Never be that guy exemplifying the anonymous-stranger-on-the-internet. Show up for sessions, or back out as early as possible. Communicate. Treat each other well. Have Patience and Time with a guardian learning a new thing (that was you, once. All we are really asking is that you be a kind and respectful guardian.

In short:

While sarcasm and dry humor are rampant around here, the above is absolutely serious.

Keeping it Active

The entire purpose of this group, and clan, is to team up with awesome people actively playing the game. Expect that we will continually foster the group culture of active players and provide space for active guardians by removing those that have ceased participating.

Looking forward to meeting up with you in orbit!

The Clan

There is also a SRR clan! We are a PS4 clan and you can request to join here:

We have only a couple stipulations prior to being accepted.
1. We would like to make sure that you are a good fit for the group. The best way to do this is to join a session with some of our more active members who would then vouch for you. Or you could create a session at a time that works for you, please do let one of the clan admins know that you posted a sesssion so that we may join up and get you know you better.
2. Be a member of our the100 page, this is an easy one! We require this so that the clan roster is a collection of PSN names that you recongize.
Its as simple as that, no skill requirements here. We do hope you will consider joining us if you are looking for a clan. Please contact one of the clan administators is you have any questions.

Nightfall Highscores

With the addition of nightfall scoring in patch 1.1.3 we launched a friendly highscore competition. The competition was well recieved so we decided to make it an ongoing thing! We will track the highscore for each nightfall. In order to be eligible the fireteam must consist of at least two SRR members, they don't need to be clan members. To submit a score please screen shot your post game summary and send it to one of the group moderators or founders via discord, psn message, or here on the100.

Good luck Guardians!





The Pryamidion Team 3
eggmcmahon, Mort_311, jairaiden
88,481 20:47
The Inverted Spire Sunday Scumbags
eggmcmahon, Wizardneedsfood2, unloki
82,385 20:02
The Arms Dealer Milk Was a Bad Choice
eggmcmahon, Wizardneedsfood2, unloki
177,386 17:36
Savathun's Song
BromStrongHammer, Z1LLA_, WolfOfThessaly
210,596 17:53
A Garden World*
BromStrongHammer, Z1LLA_, Agrippa158
204,677 19:07
Tree of Probabilities* 4 Mort
eggmcmahon, wizardneedsfood2, BromStrongHammer
117,980 16:47
Will of the Thousands**
wizardneedsfood2, BromStrongHammer, unloki
196,391 116:20
Strange Terrain** Fed After Midnight
wizardneedsfood2, BromStrongHammer, unloki
180,287 17:31
*Requires Curse of Osiris DLC
**Requires Warmind DLC

Upcoming Games

06:00 PM Raid - Spire of Stars - Prestige

Doing first two encounters and the platforming chests to get a shot at the sleeper catalyst. Could be down for doing Prestige eater afterwards for Telesto.

07:30 AM Crucible - Competitive

Continuing that comp grind for luna. Once again looking for those with a k/d > 1.00

06:00 PM Gambit


07:00 PM Raid - Last Wish

It's the pre-Thanksgiving (American Turkey Slaughter for Hissing) annual weekly raid at the new and improved super-exciting time of 10 pm EST! Don't miss out! It's gonna be a gas!!

  • Tuesday, 11/20 PST
  • PS4
  • Space Rhino Raiders
  • No level required
  • Mic required
  • 6 Players / 6
  • 1 reserve

06:30 PM Gambit

3X Infamy - get your resets!

Recent Games click to show/ hide

06:30 PM Strike - Nightfall

Looking to do a couple highscore runs then farm for the osprey.

Game over

06:15 PM Destiny - Vault of Glass - Hard Mode

It's been a while but I'm feeling the need to run these again. Planning to do all 4.

Game over

05:30 PM Raid - Last Wish

Running a new guy through. We have threr all ready.

Game over

06:15 PM Gambit

Sherpa Requested! If anyone out there isn't burned out on Gambit yet, I'm chasing legend hard the next couple weeks for my 2nd reset. Any help would be appreciated! Start time could be a few minutes before, pending quality time with the wife.

Game over

07:00 PM Gambit

Gambit, for funsies

Game over

03:00 PM Strike - Nightfall

Inverted Spire 200k high score run w/Triumph challenge (don't get burned in phase 2 of boss fight). Be 600 (or damn close). Burn/mods TBD. Happy to do farming speedruns after if the team wants.

Game over

06:30 PM Raid - Last Wish

Game over

06:00 PM Raid - Last Wish

Trying to get back into the raid for keys and that 1K. Can you dig it?

Game over
  • Tuesday, 11/13 PST
  • PS4
  • Space Rhino Raiders
  • No level required
  • Mic required
  • 7 Players / 6
  • 1 reserve

04:00 PM Strike - Nightfall

Strange Terrain, 200k high score run (burn/mods TBD), followed by farming for the Osprey. Be 600 (or damn close) and ready to grind for an hour or so.

Game over
  • Tuesday, 11/13 PST
  • PS4
  • Space Rhino Raiders
  • Power Level 595+
  • Mic required
  • 3 Players / 3
  • 1 reserve

06:00 PM Gambit

Gambit, for funsies

Game over
  • Monday, 11/12 PST
  • PS4
  • Space Rhino Raiders
  • No level required
  • Mic required
  • 4 Players / 4
  • 1 reserve

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