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Destiny Rocks - XB1 Xbox One casual | members: 53 | activity score: 0

"Home of Destiny Legacy Content"

avg. age: 32   mics required

Getaway for those who are still enjoying Destiny 1, Destiny 2 Year 1 content, or those who are enjoying Destiny for the first time.

Note from group mod:

Hi all,

This group started exclusively for those people looking to play D1 after the release for D2 but it has been incredibly quiet since the release of Warmind.

I'm looking to revive the group and change its objective slightly to make it a place for all 'legacy' content. This includes D1 and D2 Year 1.

This will be a place for people who want to replay old content just for fun, for those people who think staying up-to-date with the latest Destiny DLC is too expensive, for those parents who don't have time for grinding and for those who are new to Destiny.

Anybody currently without a clan come join us here

Let the group name mean whatever you like. "Destiny (Still) Rocks"... "We are the stalwart, Rocks of Destiny, holding fast"... "We have Rocks in our Heads because we're still playing Destiny"... you pick.

There are mods, but the group is largely self-moderating. Extreme rudeness or unsportsmanlike behavior will simply be eliminated so, y'know, don't do it. The Golden Rule applies.

For D1 Weekly Reset info, you can check here

If you're interested in running a Destiny activity, go ahead and schedule a game! Also, feel free to post your interests in the chat.

If you're a Discord person, do check out The Last Destiny 1 City Discord server. It's also focused on Destiny 1.

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Destiny 2

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