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Project! Fuckin American Lasers PC casual | members: 89

"American Lasers"

avg. age: 24   mics required

This is the group for the American Lasers PC clan. You can use The 100 to schedule specific game sessions. If you're logged in, the website automatically adjusts to your timezone. Group members can create games for various activities, and The 100 will manage the roster for a fireteam of the correct size as people sign up.

Note from group mod:

Group Games:

Destiny 2
The Division
The Division 2
Monster Hunter World
Apex Legends

Group Moderators:


Group Sherpas: (?)

Raven, LingeringShadow, ScurvyRichmond, internisus, NinjaPanda, Milk#13429, BuffPup#1404,

Upcoming Games

11:00 AM Crucible - Competitive

06:00 PM Raid - Crown of Sorrow

Sherpa Requested! Newbies welcome, co-sherpa would be nice. Bring some patients, and all the Calus gear ya got for Tributes!

06:00 PM Raid - Crown of Sorrow

Also doing Crown of Sorrow for the Tribute Hall, so bring your Calus gear. Players new to the raid are welcome, but some experienced players to help teach would be appreciated. Start time flexible.

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04:00 PM Raid - Crown of Sorrow

Going for flawless! Don't expect to get it on the first try. Set aside a lot of time and show up with a patient attitude. Clan members get priority even if they are reserves.

Game over

06:00 PM Raid - Leviathan - Normal

MoT runs Part 1. Bring your Calus gear, and we'll run through any of the Leviathan raids and hopefully a Last Wish run afterwards for its triumph.

Game over

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