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Delta Company 248 PS4 casual | members: 87 | activity score: 0

"Comedic Mayhem"

avg. age: 20   mics required
Americas - most members are Eastern Time (US & Canada) time zone.

Welcome Guardians to Delta 248! Our group is full of friendly guardians who are looking to have fun while we are conquering our Destiny adventure. The ONLY requirements for posting and joining game sessions here is to HAVE FUN. "See ya around and don't forget the beer!"

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Join the Delta Company 248 clan!
Instructions to join can be found here
- Some Achievments, Trophies, and Rewards can only be gained by completing activities with clan members. Don't hesitate, join today!

Community: Delts Company 248 Forums, DestinyTheGame Subreddit
News: Community News on, Planet Destiny
Player Stats: Destiny Tracker
Item Information: DestinyDB, Official Armory on
Tools: Destiny Exotics, Destiny Ghost Hunter, Destiny Public Events
Raid Guides:
Comprehensive Guide to Complete Kings Fall Raid (Normal Mode)
What's New in King's Fall Hard Mode
HD Maps for Oryx Bossfight (Includes a Hard Mode map)
Daily Activity Guides: Today's Daily Bounties
Crucible and PvP: Planet Destiny's Guide to Trials of Osiris, Destiny Trials Report

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The Division
Destiny 2

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