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Task Force Heroes PS4 casual | members: 3

"🎶Task Force Heroes🎶"

avg. age: 36   mics required   parents   college students
Americas - most members are Central Time (US & Canada) time zone.

Join the clan? Please join the discord server, if interested. Trying to make a helpful group of skilled players. More of an alliance of players that can be in any clan they want. Not really serious but would like to get things done. Anyone is welcome. If anyone is interested in helping build something great, please let me know. It has worked before but those players have moved on to pc and other games. Update* old clan/alliance renamed with my alternate character. Please be Patient, we are just starting out on the100. I believe this can become a Great group. We are here to have fun!!! Please don't be affraid to ask for help, that is what we are here for. We are a Unit of Guardians that hope to help you get a fireteam together (fast and organized) and get things done!!! We are also trying out other ways (apps and programs) to be more efficient... The members, have been around, since the Alpha test of the first game and been running clans since the Beta test and the "Day One" release of Destiny.

Note from group mod: Stay Active, post and join events. Everything you do helps your activity score. If you post an event and ask for a "Sherpa" (person that can help with everything), it will post your event to the entire (100) community. If you want to be a "Sherpa" or want to help others, you can always post "Beginners Welcome". If you post an event or sign up for one please try to be there, on time. Usually the person running the event will send out PSN chat invites 5-10 minutes before the event. "It is Your DESTINY!!!" "Dream it, Believe it and then Achieve it" "Lets get things Done!!!" "One Task at a Time." "Real life first" I am still learning myself but always look for Events and updates and don't be afraid to make you own event or ask for help. Peace...

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Destiny 2

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