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GrownUpProblems Xbox One casual | members: 40


avg. age: 28   mics required
Americas - most members are Central Time (US & Canada) time zone.

This group is for XB1 gamers who are trying to juggle work, school, family, and significant others. Gamers with grown up problems. This a adult discussion and PUG/LFG clubhouse. Please be mature, friendly and welcoming. Pick Up Groups, Raids, Dailies, Weeklies, ToO, CoO, Crucible, Iron Banner and more! If you've enjoyed gaming with us and would like to join out cross platform discussions you can find our group at:

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Ghost Recon Wildlands
Destiny 2

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07:00 PM Raid - Crown of Sorrow - Gahlran CP

Finish the fight, guardians. Boss fight time.

  • Monday, 08/03 PDT
  • Xbox One
  • GrownUpProblems
  • No level required
  • Mic required
  • 4 Players / 6
  • 1 reserve

07:00 PM Raid - Crown of Sorrow

Moments of triumph checklist! Tonight we're checking off ghalran and maybe get a tarrabah or 5!

  • Friday, 07/31 PDT
  • Xbox One
  • GrownUpProblems
  • No level required
  • Mic required
  • 6 Players / 6
  • 1 reserve

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