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Geek On My Level was established with the intent to create a relaxed and safe gaming environment for families who game together. Our primary focus is providing a gaming community for parents and their kids to come together and have fun. At the moment, we can only support those on the Xbox with the Geek On, Guardians clan. We aim to provide a place for players of all skill levels and gaming experience in which players can play a variety of games together in a stress free, family friendly environment. With the Geek On, Guardians, the goal is to help our members achieve what they are looking for within Destiny 2. We are a small community and as we grow, we plan on organizing more events especially for those wanting to tackle the more challenging endgame activities. For now, we are focused on building a fun, family friendly community and help people with various aspects of the game. Do you have to be a parent, no. However, you have to be mindful that you may be in-game with teens/kids and their parents. Patience will be key as will being kind and treating everyone with respect. We are very Xbox-centric and are US/East Coast based so our gaming times are limited to weeknights and weekends in that timezone. Feel from to send me a PM, hit me up on Twitter (LocutusOf_Teddy) or send a message on Xbox (GT: LocutusOfTeddy). Check out our #Destiny2 clan!

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