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avg. age: 23   mics required   parents   college students
Asia - most members are Brisbane time zone.

Hello Fellow Guardians, [AUS] Bounty Hunters here! We are an AUSTRALIAN based clan, but have members from all over the globe. Age ranges from 18-30+ (we generally recruit 18+ guardians, but exceptions do exist) We have a strong growing community of gamers that started as 1 and has become 40+ members within 6 weeks. We aim to keep the clan community positive and fun, but still competitive and hungry to grow. Our PvP'rs are some formidable weapons in the Crucible Our PvE'rs are growing to become great Raid Sherpa's REQUEST TO JOIN! By sending a friend request and whisper to SierraDelta_ (Steam ID: 878790744) You must be a member in Discord with your account linked to your Steam Account Discord: By the great words of Byf: Per Audacia Ad Astra - We'll see you starside! SierraDelta_

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Destiny 2

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Noodz, NightRaven#2113850, Plurple, SierraDelta_,

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