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avg. age: 33   mics required

This is a brand new clan, geared towards people with kids or demanding jobs that limit their playing time. I’m personally on around 9:30pm pacific time but as we expand, there will be people playing through the day in different time zones. No one is required to login at any particular time and no one is expected to be an expert at Destiny. This is purely for people who just want to unwind at the end of the day and play with others in a stress free environment. You’re welcome to join and get the free weekly engrams if you’re playing in a time zone that conflicts with others in the clan. Over time, we’ll set up events for raids, crucible, gambit and nightfalls as well as seasonal events. Everyone is welcome to join, however the core purpose of this clan is to cater to people who may have to log off mid game to tend to their families and we hope if that happens you’ll be understanding and respectful to the people who need to step away. I hope to see this clan grow into a community of positive people and that you’ll be one of them!

Note from group mod:

The clan is officially up, we have our first raid scheduled for Friday, Nov. 22nd at 10pm PST.

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Destiny 2

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