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Charlie Company 989 Xbox One casual | members: 83 | activity score: 0

"The Charlie Wolves"

avg. age: 31   mics required
Americas - most members are London time zone.

A mixture of casual and serious PvE and PVP players here to defend the light against the darkness. We are the Wolves. We are the 989.

Note from group mod:

Charlie Company 989 - The Wolves Company

We are here to defend the solar system against the dark scum of the Universe, while enhancing each others experiences and achieving the best we can.

Please introduce yourself using the chat feature on the right including what your looking to get from the company and if your looking for PVE, PVP or both

If you have any questions please contact Wolf Daedalus or one of the Sherpas and we will be happy to help.

We look forward to gaming with you.


    - Feel free to add new Events as this will ensure the Timezone is correct for all Guardians.
    - When creating events make sure you set the session as Group Only otherwise people outside the company will be able to join.
    - If you're around for a short time why not use the Playing Right Now Status to let people know your online. This only last an hour.

Group etiquette

We all want to enjoy the gaming world so please stick to the below rules:

  1. No Double Posting
  2. No Witch Hunting
  3. Please ensure you have the correct level posted
  4. Swearing is allowed in chat and game, but please be considerate of other guardians
  5. If you want to organize a game, do so by creating an event rather than using the side chat so all times can be converted to all time zones
  6. When organizing an Event please ensure you give enough notice for people to join
  7. If you have any problems with other members of this group, you can message Wolf Daedalus on Xbox One or report them by following the link to their profile.

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Destiny 2

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Muin, Block Mate, surfsquid, DrSynapses, The Jammy Git, Just Pyro Now, Arajace, blacksilver83, Glyn675R, A Niall ist,

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