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avg. age: 31   mics required

Why You Should Join - We have a very vibrant community (sponsored by Discord and Twitch) with over 1500+ Members! (Providing you plenty of opportunity to make new friends!) - There will always be people online to play with you (We often get over 450+ people on TeamSpeak at any point in time) - We are strongly organized around Teams and love team-play (Check out our structure here!). (If you enjoy organized team-play you will love it here) - There are literally 100's of events occurring every single week (Which means there is never a dull moment in DI and you can always find something to participate in!) What we expect from you in Return - Be active on our Forums and TeamSpeak, not just ingame (You are expected to check forums everyday, unless you are away) - Idle in TeamSpeak when you are online/ingame on Steam or another game client - Communicate fluently in English and be aged over 13 and mature What happens after you Register - You will be assigned to a Team & Division based on the game you play and your region - You will be enrolled into Initiation where you will have a set of objectives to complete to help you settle in! - You will have fun AF!

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Rocket League
Monster Hunter World
World of Tanks

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