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Echo Company 951 PS4 casual | members: 27 | activity score: 0

"League of Average Gamers"

avg. age: 30   mics required

We enjoy being moderately competitive in the crucible. We like to win but if we don't it's no biggy. We also do a smidgen of the PvE that is left in this game from time to time. 90% of our banter is in the Discord chat, you can find the link below, please join it!! Also DO NOT be shy about posting games. You cant make friends if you don't try thats what I always say (I dont have friends..) - solo

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Crucible Guides
Trials Report (know your enemy)
Guardian.GG (advanced destiny stats)

General Guides

Pumpgutz: PVP Zen Meteor

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Destiny 2

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Scubasteve144, catfisher13, JudiciousOwl, Elendar-6, Skwiziks, Playa_of_DEATH, xRedThunder91x, abaddon13185,

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