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Alpha Company 517 Xbox One casual | members: 79 | activity score: 0

"Project Thesan"

avg. age: 25   mics required
Americas - most members are Eastern Time (US & Canada) time zone.

We are a group of trans-continental (UK & US) guardians who will do just about any activity. We mostly focus on raids, but if you need someone for a Nightfall or a questline, we can help.

Note from group mod:

Our Clan Page


  • Destiny is a video game, with an emphasis on game. While we all may struggle or get frustrated with our fellow guardians, this is a casual group. Remember, there's another human being on the other side of that guardian.

  • Mics are required. Endgame activities are always easier if everyone can communicate effectively. Exceptions can be made, but should be noted in game descriptions.

  • Tips:

  • Try to show up early. If a game is supposed to start at 5:00, ideally you should be signed into Destiny on the appropriate character and waiting in orbit at 4:59. Obviously life happens, but try to value the other Guardians' time as much as your own.

  • Be active! Don't be afraid to add people in the group as friends on Xbox Live.

  • If you see someone's online and need help with an activity, don't just invite them to play. Send them a message asking if they can help. Sometimes we can only play for minutes and sometimes for hours.

  • Ask questions. Don't know where someone got a piece of gear? They should be happy to tell you how RNGesus blessed them.
  • Useful Links:

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    Public Events Schedule
    Ghost Hunter
    Destiny Calcified Fragments
    Destiny Item Manager (Chrome Extension)
    Infusion Calculator
    Youtube Channels
    Bungie (Official)
    Destiny (Official)
    Planet Destiny
    Twitch Channels
    Destiny Directory
    Bungie (official)
    Year One Endgame
    How To: VoG
    How To: Crota's End
    How To: Skolas
    Raid Loot Table
    King's Fall
    Datto's Guide
    Hard Mode Tomb Ships
    Golgoroth Single Gaze Guide
    Golgoroth's Cellar
    King's Fall Loot Table

    Group Games:

    The Division
    Destiny 2

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