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avg. age: 30   mics required
Europe - most members are Stockholm time zone.

Are you tired of playing alone? Are you tired of not being able to do the raid, and also not having the regulars to play with? Do you want people that focuses when needed, and also which you can have fun together with? Then look no further Agent! What we can offer: * Small sized clan - play with the regulars. * Raiding, current and future raids. (Cleared current one multiple times) * Theorycrafting and build planning. We got people that loves that kind of stuff. * Weekly activities. Did someone say speedruns? * Relaxed atmosphere.

Note from group mod: We're recruiting! Requirements we have: * Age: 20+, considering clan consists of adults being busy during weekdays. * Be able to play atleast 10h/week. Mostly evenings and weekends. Scheduled raids are on Sun, 19.00 CEST/CET. * PC and EU. We plan activities around CET/CEST. * Discord and headset! *Note - stuff will always be announced there. * Being mature (to an extent). Toxic behaviour is NOT accepted! * Be a good team player. * Have a functional, raid ready build with the gear. Also, be flexible! We expect you to be raid ready on joining.

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The Division 2

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