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Hi Everyone, DISTURBED_1709 here looking for devoted gamers to join us here at Shadow Company. Shadow Company is a mature community that has been around since 2008. We enjoy having fun playing games with determined and like minded people, while staying competitive within the game. If this sounds like something you are looking for we invite you to join our ever growing ranks. Shadow Company supports both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles for: Call of Duty; Black Ops 4 Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Here at Shadow Company we run with a basic military system; Squads, Regiments and Divisions, right down to the ranks and medals. When you first join Shadow Company you will recive an email from one of our Admission Officers witch contains the Rules and Regulations and also a link to our Discord channel. This is where you will be asked to fill in your details and from there you will be placed into a structured squad. This is when you will start working n your team building skills with your new team mates.  Here at Shadow Company we don’t just limit ourselves to squads. We offer many positions within our community to members willing to volunteer some of their spare time to take on extra tasks. From Recruiters, to Graphic Artists, to Awards Administrators. We have many positions for our members to fill. Please keep in mind some of these positions require more dedicated time than other positions, but the end result is always the same for every position; the success of this great clan. Minimum requirements to join us are: • Must be mature • Must have a working microphone • Must be over 18 • Must be able to attend at least one practice a week • Must be able to use the Discord App Though this sounds like all you will be doing is squad based practices. When you sign up to join Shadow Company you get to join in with with regular squad vs squad scrimmages, inter clan tournaments, community nights, community contests and much more. There are always activities going on within SC and we invite you to join in with the fun. With the basic military based system that we have here at Shadow Company, We conduct practices twice a week witch are hosted by the SL (Squad Leader) and SA (Squad Assistant). During these practice sessions you will be give the chance to learn map call outs and tactics. These help with being able to declare where the enemy is located throughout the maps, and will also help with discovering the location of objectives on objective game modes. We also don’t concentrate on K/D ratios or Score Per Minuets because our main goal is to work together as a solid unit and help improve their game play, and most importantly having fun while doing so.  We run an awards system for different aspects of our community. You can earn special awards, medals and ribbons. These awards are given out to show the great things you have achieved within the community. These awards are achievements that are completed by progressing as a team and or completing skilled achievements not only in game but also achieving goals within the community. Shadow Company puts family first. Real life comes first and real life situations do occur. If you can’t make a practice or will be sidelined for a period of time due to family issues and or real life issues just let us know. We will NOT penalise you for uncontrollable circumstances nor will we kick you out to the curb because you can’t attend practices. Just simply inform us that you need to take a break and we will make it possible for you to do so and then return when you are ready to do so. If you are interested in joining Shadow Company, simply visit our website and register with us today at A member of our Admissions team will be in touch with you afterwards and begin the process of getting you into Shadow Company. Have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact me DISTURBED_1709 here. Don’t forget to let them know DISTURBED_1709 sent you. See you out there on the battlefield!

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Call of Duty Black Ops 4

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