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Bravo Company 109 PS4 casual | members: 76 | activity score: 0

"Dancers of Blut and Bliss"

avg. age: 30   mics required   parents
Europe - most members are Berlin time zone.

We are a casual(ish) clan of Guardians that enjoy all activities in Destiny 2 Most of us are level headed and grown up and we try to keep the salt on the food and not in the game. We have a couple of set raid groups every week. Feel free to join up - there is always friendly people that will help you out. Our clan on is "Dancers of Blut and Bliss" - make sure to join that to get all the rewards. We also have discord channel if you want to chat: join by signing up for the clan on and asking for the invite there.

Note from group mod:

Community: Destiny Subreddit
Info: Planet Destiny, Destiny Tracker, DestinyDB, Raid Loot Tables
Tools: Destiny Exotics, Destiny Status, Destiny Ghost Hunter, Destiny Public Events

Group Games:

Destiny 2

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Group Sherpas: (?)

duvid_22, POWER#12544, abaddon13185, Lunarstill, AnshulSinghvi, tobiashieta,

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