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[AGD] AgogeGaming - PC - NA Recruiting Agoge Gaming is a small eSports org with teams in **Apex Legends** and **Smite** along with a handful of communities throughout other games. We are recruiting all Agents at any stage of the game and all commitment levels. Does not matter to us if you play 1 hour a week or 12 hours a day, you are more than welcome here. Our players are here to help with anything and everything. Need some guidance while you level? Easy, we got you. Unsure what brand-set to aim for? We can help there to! Do you want to smash high-end content, like challenge strongholds and heroic bounties? We do that too. Outside of TD2 our org is focused around helping streamers build a healthy following, get affiliate/partnered on twitch, and connected to brand sponsors. We are currently partnered with Humble Bundle, OneWish Foundation (many of our streams run long charity streams!), Rogue Energy, as well as having a merch line. Anyone interested is highly encouraged to lookup AgogeGaming in game.

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