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Deities of Monkeys - The Division 2 PS4 casual | members: 1 | activity score: 0

"Demo "

avg. age: 40   mics required   parents
Americas - most members are Eastern Time (US & Canada) time zone.

We are a clan of adults and parents that are mature at times that tend to laugh a lot when we play together. We do both PVE end game and PVP end game content fairly consistently. We have been together from Destiny 1 i.e 2014 until now and played various games together through the year. We will schedule invites and can use group me or discord for chat. We have about 15 of us that migrated from Destiny 2 to Anthem to now Division 2. We don’t have any restrictions on joining other then don’t be rude to each other or a jackass, pretty simple. Send a request in game to join. Currently clan level 3 in Division 2

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Destiny 2
Monster Hunter World
The Division 2

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