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Dark Ascent is a gaming community whose history is deeply rooted in the Destiny universe, but has been quickly expanding to include Apex Legends, Anthem, and (most importantly) The Division 2. We have several The Division 1 veterans in our ranks, and are looking to add to that roster to help new players, theory craft, min/max, and build powerful squads to farm the upcoming raid activities. Whether you are new to The Division franchise, or have spent thousands of hours in the original installment, we want to hear from you! We are a dedicated group of gamers looking to get the most out of the games we love playing. If your flavor is grinding missions, incursions, raids, world bosses, or strongholds, we have a place for you. If your flavor is hunting rogues in the DZ, or going rogue yourself and terrorizing the DZ with a crew of assassins and thieves, we have a place for you too. We will be an active, focused, clan of mature and dedicated gamers looking to complete daily, weekly, and clan achievements at every opportunity. We have an active Discord server full of laid back, funny, supportive, and very competent gamers. We encourage fun above all else, but know when to get down to business and pull out all of the skills to take down the toughest encounters and help each other out. Our community is 18+, and we are a friendly bunch, but we have a zero-tolerance policy against bigotry or aggressive behavior. Basically, just be a decent human and we'll all get along just fine. We invite you to join us in reclaiming D.C.! PLEASE JOIN THE DISCORD FOR FULL PARTICIPATION IN THE CLAN.

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