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Iconic Vanguard PC casual | members: 1 | activity score: 0

avg. age: 21   mics required

The next generation of Destiny 2 clan that isn't forcing you to be a perfect guardian, a sweat in pvp and welcomes those that are transfering to PC or completely new.

Note from group mod: The features: -Iconic Guardians proudly supports those that stream or wanting to stream and will gladly help you further that goal by teaching you the basics. - We use twitter, discord and twitch primarily - Our only requirement is you join our discord, raiding and weeklies are optional however it is preferred you work together as one to complete what you need. - Our discord includes a wide variety of things including: a streamer role for streamers that want exclusive advice and tips, Destiny 2 clan and update integration, Apex/battle royale roles, and Call of Booty roles. - All roles are able to be obtained through a simple reaction.

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Destiny 2

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