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Americas - most members are Central Time (US & Canada) time zone.

The Legion of Saints is a collaborative project between a few friends to start a new community in the Anthem Guild space. Even though the guild system is currently unavailable, we are determined to create a solid foundation from which we can expand upon as further developements take shape in Anthem. We want to create a community that can bring out the best in what Anthem has to offer, even though it may seem a bit undercooked there is still a lot to love about Anthem! We understand that Anthem has potential, and wish to provide a platform for which players can find others to play with and enjoy what the game has to offer. If your interested in joining the community then feel free to drop on by and be sure to check in every now and then if your feeling lonely out in Bastion! Or if your interested in joining our guild and experiencing all of what Anthem has to offer then feel free to contact our Guild Officers for more information!

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