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We are what I like to call a medium-core guild. Most of our members will be focused on end game content, but friends and family will always be welcome! Please just know that the raid teams (we'll have multiple, due to 4 player squads) will be held to a much higher standard than the rest of the guild. Voice communication (Discord) will be a requirement for the raid teams, especially since there was no in-game text chat during the demo, and we don't know if retail will have it or not. We have a lot of people (that aren't on this site) joining that have excellent gaming skills and a LOT of end game experience across multiple games. Our players are mostly helpful, and will always be willing to answer questions from other/newer members, but if all you do is ask to be power leveled and/or carried through missions, then you might be asked to leave. We're here to help, not to do all the work for you. That's not to say that carry sessions won't happen. They will. But if all of your interactions with others are just asking for help/handouts, then we're not the guild for you. Honestly, knowledge of how to do it yourself is what we consider better. Something about teaching a man to fish.... We have players from all different time zones and varied/flexible play times, so the play times listed aren't 100% accurate. Personally, I can set my play times at more or less whenever I want (and as long as I want), so I'll join whatever group is going at a given hour of a given day. Also, please note that even though English is listed as our primary language, we have players that speak other languages as native, so some of our groups might be with other languages as well. With Google Translate, life is easier when talking to people speaking other languages. If you have any questions about members or game information or anything else, feel free to PM me on any of my listed contact IDs. Origin is preferred, since that is where the game will be hosted from.

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