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Welcome to Red Rover, Inc. Where we like to have fun and "do the thing".

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Don't hesitate to post games here, even if you're new.
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Join a clan!
If a clan is full please join the other one, both clans have people playing on both platforms with cross save enabled. Message @clan-admin in Discord with questions.


Group Rules & Guidelines

1) Be respectful of your team and group members.
2) It's important to the health of the group that members make the sessions they sign up for. Please do your best to not have any last minute drops (Last minute = 1 hour or less without communicating to your team). Last minute drops and no-shows will be reported by session members and leaders.
3) Any suggested changes to a session should be communicated to all team members and agreed to before they are enacted.
4) As a group member, you represent Red Rover Inc., always act in line with that.
5) We are very open to both relaxed, blind/sherpa sessions as well as experienced sessions to "get it done." That said, feel free to post accordingly but limit unreasonable barriers of entry (e.g. like people used to do with Gjallarhorn) as it is bad form.
6) We have people playing on PC and PS4, please choose the right platform when creating games and check before signing up for a game.
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