Raid - Scourge of the Past

JJ's Crosstime Saloon

Fresh run just looking for anarchy if goes well 3x boss

Mic required
No level required
6 Players / 6
1 reserve


Default avatar
trom0085 creator

profanity ok, 400, raids, poe

Default avatar

Default avatar

bladedancer, sporadic playing times, pvp

Main ac2 sq
DeathByWiFi DeathByWiFi

pve, profanity ok, pvp

Main goat4
FutureTibor FutureTibor

parent, canadian, sorry

reserve players:

Main fb img 1541437190408
HeadhunterHC78 HeadhunterHC78

sherpa, profanity ok, no profanity, warlock hunter titan touch black spindel, expert raider, year one veteran

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