I enjoy playing PVE (Weekly's, Nightfall's, Raids, POE, etc.) and PvP with good, friendly people who don't use profanity (I can tolerate the rare usage), are friendly and are mostly looking to just have a good time. I'm a decent (I can kill things and follow directions) player; love being on a team; definitely not a solo superman,; and just looking for a good time while getting better gear. Level 40 Hunter, 40 Warlock, and 39 Titan - looking to get higher. Decent to great weapons and looking for better ones.



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raider, warlock, hunter, titan, sherpa, moderator


xbox one, sherpa, pve


sherpa, xbox360, ?, titan, warlock, parent

microphone, warlock, xbox 360, hunter

Pulled a Turk


warlock, raider, parent, pve, pvp, titan, hunter, xbox 360, microphone, raider

sherpa, warlock, raider, parent, pve, pvp

loves vog, enjoys pve and pvp. level 40 in all classes. not yet a parent, unless you count my dog, which i treat as my kid.