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oXRagin MooseXo

raids, weeklies, dailies, mic, xbox 1, sherpa

Pappy 8 Kidz

sherpa, profanity ok, guardian of the coffee cup! old man on a couch. nemesis of cent. destroyer of worlds...and t-shirts, pve


warlock, microphone


sherpa, old man, xbox one, pve, everything is fun and games until you hear redhawk down!!!

voidwalker, stormcaller, sunbreaker


crafting, cooking, art, music, writing, gardening


raids, pvp, mic, warlock, hunter, titan

Shikyo Keibatsu

1337 scrub, warlock primary, raid seasoned, profanity ok, pve, college student

sherpa, profanity ok, fun run raider, pve, microphone required, sporadic playing times

never give up, titan, chilled raider