Howdy: I'm a Grandpa (to four) who is always up for anything Destiny and watching Anime. Warning: Intermediate Beginner PVP player (i.e., I don't quite suck as much as before) but I'm still learning and improving.

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are we wiping?, air force vet, no chest left behind, pc, pve, kill things, acquire loot


pve, pvp, profanity ok, raid rookie

Will Lee Wonka

pve, profanity ok, microphone, stops bullets with face


misadventures ok, pve, microphone required, casual, adults only, profanity encouraged


warning - do not invite to crucible if drunk, sherpa derpa, #worst mod ever

Your Gold Teeth

stellar sextant, treasure hunter, dynamic pvp performance, pve, troll smasher

parent, titan, beer, hunter, warlock

hunter, parent, titan, microphone, warlock