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vog relic holder, oryx, crota swordbearer, sherpa, flawless raider sherpa, speaker of bad puns


morale and ego booster for crucible, kf relic runner, dance party!, you may live on in infamy if i'm streaming, drinking games ahoy, raz-light

mic, titan, hunter

pve, pvp, profanity ok, poe, raids, parent

Make Shoot Of

black lives matter

Mister callous

raider, chill, pve, profanity ok, jokester, nightfall


parent, mic, profanity ok

My name is err

parent, profanity ok, i say bad words on twitch streams, microphone, sherpa, warlock

pve, perpetual raid noob, friends with a bunch of awesome people, llod member, profanity ok, teamwork

redneck, pvp, pve, profanity preffered