Titan, Hunter, Warlock, PVP, PVE, Potty Mouth, I just want to shoot stuff

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casual, parent, profanity ok

Omega Pep

iron banner, pvp, fire breathing warlock, swordbearer, scout rifle enthusiast, titan


nightfall, raider, warlock, titan, hunter, strike


play 10+ hours a week, sherpa, weekly challenges, sporadic playing times, raider, nightstalker

pve, profanity ok, pvp, touch of malice, raider


raider, outdoors, play 10+ hours a week, pve great, pvp not so great, sherpa, unlucky with drops

potty mouth, xbox one, titan, microphone

relaxed, experienced raider, pve, profanity ok


fun, sherpa, profanity ok, casual hunter raid quest help, titan

xbox one, new york, warlock