Experienced day 1 Destiny 1 player. 200+ Raid completions. Looking to enjoy Raiding, Nightfalls, PVP and a laugh with other mature, friendly gamers. In Destiny 2 I main a Warlock and play a lot more casually.



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microphone, raider, pve, gunslinger, hunter, nightstalker


professional raider, best brand holder eu, hunter, warlock, titan


microphone, ps4, bladedancer, gunslinger, voidwalker, sunsinger

warlock, titan, hunter


titan, warlock, hunter

raider, pve, pvp, the fun times


titan, sherpa, dobb, hunter, ps4, raider


microphone, ps4, weekly challenges, raider

parent, raider, warlock, microphone


my hunter does this invisibility thing almost anytime, not too useful but cool looking., my titan occasionally builds this protective orb that she can walk through, kinda op but whatevs., i have most of the cool stuff in the game like the beowulf shader, point emote, clown horn, and even a kestrel class ship, so yeah i'm ready for anything., one time my warlock revived herself, with nobody around, kinda helpful in hardmode stuff.