Destiy day 1 beta player. I focus on end game PvE content, but also play IB and other crucible events. I enjoy teaming up with serious teammates that share a strong desire to win (or at least do the absolute best we are able if we lose/don’t complete.) I like having fun and joking around, but when a raid or other end game content gets down to the wire, I focus until the encounter is complete. I always use a mic to assist in smooth communication, whether running a nightfall or a raid. Warlock/Titan/Hunter.



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warlock, hunter, raider, microphone, ps4


raidchampion, titan, warlock, hunter

microphone, hunter, ps4


titan, microphone, warlock, raider, hunter, ps4


ironbanner, hunter, titan, raider, pvp, microphone


box of raisins, warlock, pve


serious but no drama, microphone, prestige leviathan, escalation protocol, raid lair, eater of worlds