Things I still need from D1 raids: Vault of Glass: Glass Minuet / Wrath of the Machine: Armor, Nanophoenix / Crota's End: Deathsinger Challenge under 2:00.

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Bad Evil Bunny

raider, beginners welcome, adults only, pve, microphone required, parents


sherpa, raider, weekly challenges, warlock


sherpa, stran9e guardian mod, raid vet, pvp dummie, profanity encouraged

sherpa, 300+ hunter, 300+ titan, raider

Phoenix Audubon

pve, warlock, titan, hunter, microphone, xbox one


increasingly clueless, dutch, english, jumping puzzles will kill you, teamplayer, wizards suck

pvp, raider


sherpa, pve, college student, profanity ok


hardcore, competitive, traveling, play 20+ hours a week, cooking, futurist