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profanity preferred, raids, warlock, hunter, titan, weekly challenges


"it is inevitable"

Nola Evermore

adult/child, no stress please-i stress at work not play, profanity ok, pve

raid rookie, profanity ok, pve, parent

noob of osiris, chill, super casual, no rage, pve, pvp


allegiances, wanderer, profanity ok, pvp, pve, parent

profanity ok, mainly pve, parent, just a titan - 1 man wrecking machine!


who wrote this stupid tag?, my hunter has joined the family...now time to raid, bla bla bla bla........ :-), have a mic

titan, microphone, raider, some pvp, titan main, pve


sherpa, always willing to help, pvp sharpshooter, sherpa, profanity ok