That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die.

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Upcoming Games

Catalyst run because pie Finally got that sidearm to drop

Looking to unlock the normie Warden's Law for collections and to get some upgrade materials. Couple of runs. Please be familiar with the strike.

N8 says my kingdom for a butt towel. Not sure what kingdom that might be. Quick run but I don't think we're doing challenge. The launchers are challenging enough.

Refresher run for those that don't watch the videos. Time to start building that muscle memory for flawless. Bring legit loadouts cause KT will shame you for not knowing what to do.

Recent Games

Flawless run. Or at least until Bean launches himself off the platform trying to blade barrage. Witness, forgive him.

Turns out Grim can't sword fly, but he can go Flawless in King's Fall. Today, a few Master boss CPs for the spoils and Adept weapons

A few Master runs to get materials and unlock the weapon in collections.

Once again, Pie ended up with a big goose egg. Will this week be different? May the odds be in your favor. Boss 3x.



sherpa, pve, pvp, parent, all the stuff to do all the things!


profanity required, good time seeking, unserious


crafting, cooking, art, music, writing, gardening


xbox one, sherpa, microphone, warlock, titan, raider


hardcore, casual, adults only, microphone required, pc

titan, sherpa, weekly challenges, pc, xbox one, hunter


account shared with teenage son. we split up responsibility with him mainly pvp and me, pve.

profanity ok, parent, manchild

Thought 255

pve, pvp, sherpa