That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die.

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Upcoming Games

Triumph run. 1 run or a few depending on time and needs. We can figure out what triumphs people need and go from there.

Recent Games

New dungeon / all solar

Last week, Grim may not have been an 11 but he got that sweet shotgun. This week, we start fresh. It's a raid double header. Full red border run. Followed by the reprised raid (full or boss CP).

A new dungeon dropped and Grim is looking for that first clear. To avoid any elitist attitude, please be rank 6 or 7. I'm just a filthy casual. We can split into random teams if there's interest.

A new season with new challenges. I'm down to run any 3 player activity or grind some triumphs

This is it, the last red border run of the season. Will Grim get the elusive shotgun, probably not. Will Grim get launched to his death multiple times, most definitely. Boss 2x then full red border run.



crafting, cooking, art, music, writing, gardening


xbox one, sherpa, microphone, warlock, titan, raider


hardcore, casual, adults only, microphone required, pc

titan, sherpa, weekly challenges, pc, xbox one, hunter


account shared with teenage son. we split up responsibility with him mainly pvp and me, pve.


beginners welcome, microphone required, play 10+ hours a week, outdoors, pve, coffeesnob

profanity ok, parent, manchild

Thought 255

pve, pvp, sherpa


raid rookie, parent, pvp