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Run harbinger, presage, heresy and prophecy just because.

Run for an hour clear is we can add is not run the 1330 nf

  • 09:00 PM PDT - WED 04/07
  • Xbox
  • Mic required
  • 6 Players / 6
  • 1 waitlist

All players and skill levels welcome! Raid. Loot. Swords. Do work. Rookies please watch a vid. Will go over loadouts/strats for new(er) Guardians. #norage

  • 09:00 PM PDT - TUE 04/06
  • Xbox
  • Mic required
  • 6 Players / 6
  • 2 waitlist
  • 1 reserve

Reset Raids. EoT chances for those unfortunate souls who rngeezuz has f%#ked for weeks. Will go over loadouts/strats 4 newer guardians.

fresh run, spoils, gear and guns. Be chill have fun.


titan, mic, profanity ok


don't die, tbag as necessary, pc, sherpa, profanity ok, fishing


profanity ok, parent, microphone, pve

pve, profanity ok

warlock, hunter, titan, ecologist, pve


blm, outdoors, microphone required, raider, casual, itsjustvideogames