get it done but have fun. too old for rage as life is way to effing short. doom shareware on lan cable? yeah, old school like that. also extremely effective bullet shield (a.k.a sponge) in crucible...

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titan, hunter, warlock, microphone, xbox one, 310


meat shield, bullet sponge, titan, profanity ok, hunter, warlock


beer, dark drinker, multiple accounts, nerd, your mom, destiny after dark


microphone, raider, 318titan, 319hunter, parent, tom

Ranma Sa0t0me

pvp, dogs, ecuador, cats, bananas, los angeles

black spindle, touchofmalice, warlock, raider, microphone, xbox one


pve, pvp, parent, profanity ok


warlock, hunter, titan, parent, sherpa

parent, warlock, husband

hard mode raider, titan, year 1 guardian, punchbro, bubblebro, hammerbro