Dad of 3 that loves Destiny. Sorry I speak quietly on the mic but I will be in big trouble if I wake up the wife and kids.

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parent, profanity preferred, pvp, pve, bountynegelcter

adult, profanity welcome, raider, some pvp


titan, warlock, orbs4dayz, xbox one, nightstalker, raider


sherpa, epic mod, alpha clan admin


xbox one, parent, sherpa, hunter, warlock, chill

Chris Tarium

silent but deadly, suffers from pa~rent~ing, epic α squad


pvp, parent, sherpa, raider, microphone, warlock


spindle, hunter, touch of malice, father, xbox one, microphone

Henna 0jisan

the first character of my second name starts with a zero., prefer positive attitudes, cooperation, and appropriate language., xbox one, headset,

King In Da Nerf

titan, warlock, parent, west coast, weeklies, nightfall