So I'm me, hi I guess? If you're for some reason reading this you're probably wondering what I'm good for yes? Well....if I join a task I will push for completion til the host decides its over or until I can barely keep my eyes open! What else...Crucible is a kind of how I'm feeling on the day affair I'll either blow them away or sit mid pack, love me a good raid and I'm always up for banter and conversation, I don't bite just strike it up xD my main priorities on the 100 are destiny, PvE more than PvP but I'm nearly always playing Iron Banter when it comes round, and I'm partial to other games, but yea I'm friendly, I'm me, how's it goin I'm here to help! Reading this 7 years on in 2020? Damn i was a cringelord

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wonders if witches use spell-check?


og thunderdomer, sherpa, relax


prestige, nightfall, raid, pvp, parent

pvp, pve, student, profanity ok


titan, ps4, nightstalker, stormcaller, hunter, warlock


profanity ok, college student, raid lover, relaxed, pvp, pve


profanity ok, pve, college student


positive, serious fun, pvp, pve, adult, parent