Texas dad, late night player, casual

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  • 12:00 PM PST - THU 12/31
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  • Alpha Company 207
  • Mic required
  • 3 Players / 3
  • 39 reserves

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Main psn 100io

original jiral specialist, destiny day 1, destiny 2 day 1, no longer raid rookie, profanity perfectly ok, no longer warlock only

Main anthem ranger n7

dad, sherpa - sorta, i'll show you how to die easy!, i like long walks on the beach, candle lit mcdonalds grub & the soothing sounds of metal to set the mood just right.:-d, khvostov 7g-02 a.r., pve, profanity manditory

Main image

douchebag, pve, laughs & profanity a must, sherpa

Main file

profanity ok, pvp, raid rookie

pvp, pve, warlock main, i travel for work but play when i am home, father

Main avatars groups titan2

sherpa, parent, clan bc63, microphone

Main goku ssj4 wallpaper 10733771

raid rookie, parent, pvp, pve

warlock, ps4, titan

Main file

titan, ps4, microphone, warlock, hunter

Main file

ps4, microphone, raider, hunter, sherpa, d2